Wednesday, 1 May 2013

FMP | WedThings White Stamp

A couple of days ago, the white pigment ink stamp I ordered online arrived for test prints of the WedThings logo stamp design. Although initially quite enthusiastic to try out the stamp, I was pretty dissapointed when the results were very watered down to the point of which the type was almost completely illegible, particularly in contrast to the black ink design (see above and below for comparisons).

Despite this, I still feel that the white is more visually effective and communicates the theme of a wedding far more effectively. Therefore, I have decided to try and screenprint the design in order to catch the smaller details but still maintain the printed stamp finish and texture, which is perfectly suited for Hannah's upcycled, DIY approach to her portfolio and wedding decoration tastes. Hopefully I will be able to get all the printed paraphernalia ready and prepared for Friday, when I hope to visit the Vernon Street building to start printing.

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