Tuesday, 21 May 2013

FMP | WedThings Print Developments

Documenting print developments made yesterday for the WedThings / Hannah Crowson Wedding Planner brief, having made a few changes and compromises in the past week, particularly in the change from screenprinting to digital printing (largely to be able to pick up the fine details and weight of the type).

Although changes have had to have been made, I'm actually really happy with how the brief deliverables are coming together, with a simple, yet bold, playful design which I think suits both Hannah and her upcycled approach to wedding decoration well, with attention to detail throughout, such as the heart-shaped hole punch, which I hope will really make the deliverables stand out.

I'm looking forward to getting all deliverables (just a couple more designs to print) finalised and photographed on Thursday to present for the module submission, and, of course, to Hannah, next week.

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