Wednesday, 22 May 2013

FMP | WedThings Cargo Website

Spending time working on designs producing the Cargo-based website template for the WedThings brief.
At this early stage in the business, a portfolio of work and images is yet to be fully developed, therefore, I decided to stray from adding too much content at this point, but merely providing an outline for what Hannah can upload and publish at her own time. As a result of this, the purchased domain name,, is yet to be transferred over, and the Cargo website, as shown in mock ups here, remains unpublished until the client is ready to use and activate the live site.

Features on the site include heart-shaped thumbnails (as shown above) for visual consistency with the branding, along with the 'WedThings' logomark on the index page, Georgia font body copy for web-safe and search engine sourced information, testimonials, contacts, portfolio, and a blog section, where Hannah can maintain a more informal means of showcasing her inspiration (as on sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest also), with source links shown below (both on the website and this blog post).

Considering the time constraints, I'm quite pleased with the results of the site, and although I would have ordinarily liked to have spent more time developing the website (from scratch, if not from a template), I still feel confident that it is of true reflection and character of the brand and visual brand identity/deliverables.

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