Wednesday, 22 May 2013

FMP | WedThings Blogspot Account Design

Along with her other social media outlets, one of the most important devices Hannah has been using to promote her wedding decoration practice, now known as the brand 'WedThings', is Blogspot, which is uses to engage with readers and demonstrate her various designs and wedding decoration ideas.
Although, so far, it was effective in communicating her ideas, there was no real visual identity for the page.

Again, like both Tumblr and Twitter, the visuals have been carried through from the developed branding with a logomark header and black and white colour palette. Although the repeat pattern heart background, like Twitter, was attempted to be applied again here, I feel that the images, like Tumblr, should really do the talking, and the background, if anything, was distracting from that. So, again, keeping it really stripped back, and providing a clear platform to showcase Hannah's images and designs.

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