Wednesday, 22 May 2013

FMP | Laura Ashley British Horticultural Collection LookBook / Catalogue

The proposed Laura Ashley LookBook Catalogue for The British Horticultural Collection range, showcasing the Spring Summer 2013 hypothetical design range, documenting the design work created in collaboration with Steph Lawson for the brief.

The cover was inspired by a charity shop Laura Ashley catalogue find by Steph, from early on in the module, which used a simple repeat print in a canvas stock, which we felt would be great inspiration to show the bold patterns and contextualise the range and sample images that would be shown throughout the publication.

Thanks to Steph creating the surface pattern designs, mock up in situ images and editing photographs from a product shoot, today I was able to put together the proposed editorial publication, with layout design generated from previous promotional and web-based proposals, and taking reference from existing products on the Laura Ashley website for pricing and name titles, etc., along with creating a tone of voice for the written introductory body copy.

Although, ideally, I would have liked to have spent more time on the design, I'm happy with what has been achieved in a day, and really grateful to Steph for all the hard work she has put in from the start in generating the great patterns and imagery for me to work with. 

Tomorrow I hope to get the publication printed (or, at very least, a few spreads for photographing) for submission next week.

Initial design considerations and test editing screenshots shown below.

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