Wednesday, 1 May 2013

FMP | Jessie Leong Spring Summer 2013 Brief To Do List

My to-do list for the production stages of the new Jessie Leong Spring Summer 2013 brief, in preparation for (hopeful!) presentation at the Leeds College of Art Degree Show.



* Write brief
* Collect all images required from Jessie and blog
* Edit business card details
* Design business cards
* Print business cards
* Buy black lined C5 envelopes
* Design sample pack cards
* Print sample pack cards
* Design thank you cards
* Print thank you cards
* Print letterhead
* Print CV
* Print location release form 
* Print model release form
* Print minor release form
* Print invoice
* Design photo banner
* Print photo banner
* Design display picture (Facebook)
* Design cover photo (Facebook)
* Mock up Facebook page onto Mac
* Photograph all outcomes together
* Design lookbook/magazine
* Print lookbook/magazine
* Design submission boards
* Print submission boards

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