Thursday, 16 May 2013

FMP | Geek Table Newspaper Design

Hoping to extend the Geek Table brief into a more extensive project, group members Claudia Griffin and Baljeet Samra have spent the past few weeks developing further collateral to promote the Geek Table collective.

Along with Beth Yates' original vector-based Geek Table character drawings (which represent us all so perfectly in Beth's characteristic, illustrative style), Claudia and Baljeet have designed the editorial publication, showcasing a project that we each visually responded to throughout the brief, along with adding additional information about the collective and ways to get in touch.

I think the design looks really great, and am really appreciative of the work the girls have put into the design to represent the collective. I was also delighted to today see after sending to print just a couple of days ago, that the finalised Newspaper designs have already been delivered. Exciting times.

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